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So, I’ve had this question sitting in my inbox for just under a month and without any real answer, I kinda left it.

But, since I just realised this morning that my partner had deleted her account without mentioning anything to me, I suppose I can safely say that this account will now be inactive. Sorry to that I wasn’t able to give you an answer sooner to whoever asked this question, but thank you for following along regardless. #word


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Sitting more relaxed on the bed, fingers locked comfortably with Quinn, Mike can feel the calm settling over the mess of nerves he can’t quite shake completely. He realizes she’s seen him, but never truly been exposed to the extent of his quirks and inadequacies; things a computer screen or text messages can’t display. His nervous ticks, his hiccups in confidence, his tendency to overthink. They’re all things he’s somehow kept reasonably under control through their interactions and the fact that he can do that doesn’t sit perfectly well with him. But with an abundance of information and emotion to absorb in a short amount of time, she’s doing so with the most beautiful kind of grace he thinks he’s ever seen, and his worries are quickly dismissed. He realizes as she stands there looking down at him with those ensnaring hazel eyes, a slight sway to her body, that maybe those inadequacies don’t seem so horrible to her. After all, she hasn’t gone running away…yet. No, in fact, she’s coming towards him and the motion seems almost foreign as Mike watches with unblinking eyes as she moves slowly to close the distance between them.

There’s a hitch in his breath as her lips find his; sharp and short as he inhales quickly. He’s slow to follow but quick to pick up once he does, heavy exhale now compensating for his lack of breath before. His mouth moves slowly but eagerly, his grip tightening on her hands in an attempt for stability in a moment that makes his head spin. The spark is instant, a fire undeniably lit as the kiss becomes more familiar, more rhythmic, and they become attuned to the others movements. It seems short lived as Quinn exhales and apologizes; a gesture that renders a breathy chuckle from Mike’s throat. Grip still firm on hers, he gives another squeeze before his head shakes with disbelief. “Don’t you dare apologize,” he says, smile almost giddy as he offers it to Quinn, chocolate eyes flickering between the shy gaze she’s giving him and the mouth he so desperately wants another taste of.

There’s a new air in the room: lighter, easier. It’s amazing what a single kiss can do, and Mike sees exactly what it can do as he stands up steadily, body coursing with new life. Towering over her with his tall stature, Mike gazes down at Quinn with adoration as a hand disconnects and finds a new home at the side of her neck. Gentle and delicate in nature, Mike’s fingers lay lightly on her skin and he smiles weakly at her. Using his hand to guide her body towards him, he pulls her in for another kiss, one that wields just as much of an intoxicating aftermath as the first, if not more. His other hand seeks out her cheek as he deepens the kiss, keeping her as close as he can and reveling in every inch of her mouth that he’s able to explore.

With months of pent up desires quickly falling into place, it all seems too surreal: kissing her, holding her, feeling her. Before today, she was almost like a figment of imagination, never truly tangible. But with their frames pressed together, hot breaths mixing, and hands holding each other firmly, it’s abundantly clear that she is real. She’s there and is everything he could have ever hoped for and more. “God,” he breaths, lips parting to pull into a lazy smile and keeps his face close to hers. He’s given a breathtaking view of her eyes up close as he blurts out a breathless admission. “I’ve been wanting to do that for such a long time.”

Lost in the bashful privacy of her wandering gaze and lowered head, a repeated squeeze of her hand brought Mike to her full attention - almost as though a single kiss had her in a shy trance, timid blush rising to heatedly pink cheeks. Uncharacteristically sheepish in meeting his gaze, his giddy expression evokes one of her own, lips parting into a breathy grin and exhale of slight relief. Mike’s reveal was mildly unexpected - their shared kiss provingly caused a return effect, his new found confidence a change of pace that is welcomed with open arms. Unapologetic and jokingly firm, his taken initiation began to melt away at any hint of Quinn’s insecurities, that smothering blushful behaviour disappearing with every steady breath that left her. And by some kind of divine intervention, Mike was apparently as eager as reclaiming her mouth as his flickering gaze, keen to swiftly stand and return his position into Quinn’s personal space.  

Mouth slightly hung open, her gaze fell to the tanned hand that begins to brush warmly against the nape of her neck, a confident and exploratory action on his behalf. With her little pink tongue peeking to lick at suddenly dry lips, his fingers settle comfortably against her skin, shy smile returning one of her own. It’s a silent, lingering moment that would have her weak at the knees if it weren’t for Mike’s delicate touch resting lightly against the side of her neck, ready to extend up onto her tiptoes when she felt herself being guided towards that pleasant mouth. Mike was content in having her stay and his mouth found hers in barely the second that Quinn had to prepare and inhale, their lips pressed gently together for a following go-around.

This time he was sound and sweeping - all soft mouths and even softer fingers - and the hand that was hanging by his side lifted to cradle her cheek instead, her own fingertips settling to rest against his slender hips. Momentarily parting, they met this time with a teasing flick of her tongue against the seam of Mike’s mouth, complacent in following his taken initiation of deepening the kiss and melting further into his tall frame. Her patient fingers brushed a lazy pattern into the fabric covering his hips, opening her mouth to the others, Quinn would be hushed in satisfaction at a weekend spent in an unfamiliar apartment, locking lips with some boy who seemed almost too good to be true and who knew exactly where to press. 

God. It was almost a sigh, their mouths parting with a pleasant and swollen pop. Chin dipping to lightly nudge her nose against his, the corners of her lips raise to part in a leisurely smile, eyelids heavy in a flurry of lust. ”Me too,” she exhales, breathless from their fumbled exploration. The pressing of a chaste kiss and panting mouthful of laughter, Quinn’s fingertips resume their distracting tracing against the fabric covering Mike’s hipbones. ”I really should unpack my things. The sooner we go to dinner, the sooner we can come back here and do that again.” Reluctant to part, the promise of later evoked an urge for the parting of thumbs, another firm kiss was pressed and a shy chuckle, before a backwards step loosened her from his delicate grip. Pale arms extending, Quinn lifted her bag from the foot of the bed, easing it to lie heavily on the sheets. Hands delving inside to retrieve newly and specially purchased items of clothing, a garment in particular didn’t make the pile upon his bed, instead being held half-modestly against her frame, gaze seeking his. “I thought that maybe we could dress up a little for dinner?”

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There’s a moment where Mike’s not sure if he’s heard her correctly. When the question processes, settling soundly in his mind, he knows his answer far before he can piece together the correct words. There’s disbelief in his eyes but in a surprised manner, cheeks aching with heat and a smile that graces his lips. He watches with unwavering attention, eyes casting downwards at her descending hand, and soaks in the sight of their hands intertwined. The feeling is overwhelming, but not in the nervous or insecure ways it had been before. No, this was an overwhelming happiness, and she was the sole source of it. Long fingers press gently into her hold, digits slipping comfortably in between his own and resting there comfortably.

"Of course," he says with a new found confidence in his voice. His eyesight flickers from her hands and up to inviting pink lips, fixed on the thought of leaning forward, just that small distance, and finally feeling her kiss. Pulling brown orbs from the tempting sight immediately, he refocuses on Quinn’s request and gives her a small smirk before nodding towards the hallway nearby. "C’mon," he instructs, giving a light tug on her wrist as he guides her through the room. Hand still firm and settled in hers, he picks up her bag once again and leads her through the house in easy silence. With a gentle push, he nudges open his door with his bag clad hand and takes them inside, setting her bag at the foot of his bed.

Pairs of scrubs, medical books, and even some old manila folders from the hospital, it’s a chaotic set up but still seemingly clean. Mike’s own kind of clean. The clutter is familiar and he’s used to the space, but with Quinn now inside its walls, his bedroom feels completely different. “We can watch the movie in here too,” he tells her as lanky legs bend and he sits himself comfortably on the edge of his bed. Thumb rubbing circles on her skin, he falls into the feel of her grasp, using it to stifle nervous thoughts still buzzing quietly in his mind. “I swear I’m not like this all the time,” he assures her with a weak chuckle. Abashed grin in place, his gaze fixes upwards to Quinn who is standing in front of him. “I’ll calm down once you get some food in me and we put on Jurassic Park.” He gives her hand a gentle, reassuring squeeze, playful smirk following. “Promise.”

Fingers leisurely to intertwine with a silent confirmation of stay, Mike’s turn of confidence had her taken by a pleasant surprise. And then again - led contently into the privacy of his bedroom with a small tug. Now at a closer, more intent view, the space has Mike written across every inch. Medical files stacked neatly, discarded pieces of a blue uniform scattered, merchandise from movies she’s yet to recognise. It’s warm and very inviting, very Mike. Or at least as much of him as he cared to share. She could never claim to know much of anything about his life from behind the screen of her computer - she knew what he wanted people to know or didn’t care to correct, the information from his profile; she only knew what everyone else did. But in the intimate space of Mike’s bedroom, he was as readable as the shelved medical files. Easy to access and swallowed whole.

Light in her footsteps, her frame stills as Mike sits comfortably on the edge of the bed, digits locked as she stands between his bent legs. A silent nod of agreement - future plans evoking a soft smile. Relishing in the soothing circles rubbed lightly into her pale skin, Quinn fixes complacent, feet firm in their position. She can’t help but roll her eyes at his playful comment, smug smile parting as she voices. ”It’s cute, I like it.” Hazel gaze finally landing on his, the silence that follows from a dissolving laughter is well received. 

He was almost like a prayer, all calming, silent in his actions with a gaze that promised something unreadable. Air suddenly at peace, she felt it again - those peering brown eyes that had her weak at the knees, features softening, she couldn’t help but stare, gazes locked in a lingering calm. For all the years spent confidently collected - anything but insecure in her life and the choices she made - there was nothing more doubting than her surroundings and the man sat opposite. She didn’t do this. No matter the day, reasoning, peer pressure, it definitely wasn’t on her agenda to spend the early evening standing in a strange apartment, fingers intertwined with someone she was barely physically familiar with, mind wandering anywhere but the focus on the little smirk that curved his mouth. Another reassuring squeeze and all sense is blindly forgotten, set on a lean that’ll be one of many hopeful firsts. She could do this, maybe. The novelty of the embrace of a foreign mouth. She could duck her head and plant a kiss on a strange man’s mouth in his strange apartment, and maybe it would be one of the best kisses she’d ever had. 

Fingers still firmly intertwined, Quinn was restless in the slow ducking she made to appear at his lowered height, tilting Mike’s face with a gentle nudge of her nose, she slotted her mouth right over his. She had made the right choice. With his surprise, it had seemingly been a while, but he was certainly not completely inexperienced - the way his lips moved against her own hinted at a very pleasant past. Mike seemed to offer much to explore; wandering hands, a delightful little pink tongue that was shy to lick his lips, and the possibilities of their lips connecting flashed - fireworks, the beginning of many firsts that struck something unfamiliar deep within her stomach - but Quinn held onto the moment they were in. Lashes fluttered, one lingering kiss later and Quinn was slow to come to her senses, she pulled back an inch away, just enough to observe his features. “Sorry,” she breathed, a short exhale before being quick to chuckle warmly, a shy ducking of her head for the first time that afternoon.

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A bundle of nerves, standing unsteadily and racked with anxieties, Mike can feel himself falling from his once collected exterior into a mess of emotions. Normally strict on controlling his outward expressions, learning to stifle hard looks or disappointment when need be, he’s powerless against the unusual effect Quinn has on him. She doesn’t even have to be doing anything in particular for him to feel the walls of composure shed from him immediately, leaving him exposed to all of the raw emotions captured underneath the barriers that were once there. Her very presence, whether it be through a screen or physically here, right in front of him, has an unnervingly strong effect on him. One that, truthfully, he’s not sure he minds all that much.

He’s making an ass of himself, he’s sure of that fact. Unnaturally unsettled in front of her, blonde brows furrow at his display, and he knows his feelings are painfully obvious. He’s nervous; not an uncommon happening; but it’s a different kind of nervousness. Not one centered around who she is and what he’s witnessing for the the first time, but in fact, who he is. His life is on full display for the first time in their…well, in the time they’ve known one another. From his material belongings to his own physical appearance, he feels nothing but fear for how she’s taking things as it’s all thrown at her at once. And with her standing so gracefully calm, his own shortcomings only seem amplified.

The warm pads of her fingers lie delicately on his skin and the gesture oddly calms him while his muscles turn to jelly under her touch. Tense lips relaxing into a more genuine smile, he swallows dryly and brown orbs flit away from her momentarily, relishing in the reassurance she offers, before returning to her hazel gaze. “Thank you,” he says in a quiet voice with a thankful gaze. With a curt nod, Mike adjusts himself to the new slowed pace of things and lets himself revel for a moment in the lingering touch of her hand before it retreats his arm. “I didn’t know where you’d like to stay,” he admits honestly, pausing to find the words he’s searching for. In fear of sounding presumptuous, Mike talks slowly and with little confidence. “So I can set up wherever you want. But, um, you know, it’s totally up to you.”

From such a simple touch as the one laid by her fingertips, Mike’s reaction was mildly unexpected. The attributes of his nervous appearance seemingly calmed, all apparently soothed from a cautious touch and meek tone. Perhaps she shouldn’t be so judgemental, but as handsome and well put together as he was, Quinn struggled in seeing the reasons for his apparent lackluster love life - or the sense behind his nervous exterior. Though she can’t help but feel slightly relieved at his sudden calming; soft smile and a deep exhale, her knowing that maybe it would be okay to test the waters a little further, that she finally found her metaphorical voice when it came to the first date and first meeting. She could be the initiator, no longer a need for the reserved demeanor that was a familiarity to carry. 

With plans of an enjoyable weekend spent in each others company - intentions of completely exploratory firsts, the last thing she wanted was to startle Mike away. Even if their face-to-face interactions are a bit foreign, there’s a nostalgia that warmed her throat. Quinn’s own hands intertwined before her stomach, she’s free in the nonchalant slight swaying on still feet, free to enjoy the moment simply for what it is - exploratory. Back at arms length and it’s welcomed with open arms. There’s no pressure, no opportunities to feel the need to follow the situation, voiceless in her own opinion - if anything, he was completely enticing, and attempting to keep her expression neutral, she was just as eager in seeing how far she could press.

Another single action; innocent and exploratory. Gazing up at those brown eyes from beneath her lashes silently spurred her on - allowing a single finger to skim his tanned skin, touch lingering in its path from tip of his thumb, trailing up the side of his hand, then further to his wrist. "Is it okay if I maybe share your bed?" Quinn voices, meek and cautionary, safe as to not scare him, anything to give Mike a self certainty, to let him release the spur of self doubt and know that she was interested. “Then maybe after dinner we could watch one of those movies that you like, a good one.” Blonde brows slight in their raise, her own teasing comment evokes a more prominent curving of her mouth. Delicate fingers shifting downwards in their trail, she’s lingering in a tickling touch around the spaces between his digits. "You know, together." Then again, confident and affirmative. 

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Mike finds a small comfort in the tinge of color on Quinn’s porcelain cheeks, the slight shade of red nearly matching his own. There’s solace in the fact that he’s not the only one a little flustered by this meeting, putting his erratic nerves slightly at ease for a few short moments. Swallowing the small lump in his throat, Quinn’s bag weighted in his palm, Mike sets it to the side as he joins her and looks down at the girl he wasn’t sure he’d ever get to welcome into his home. Weak smile in place, her words stir a storm of flattered emotions in his stomach and his cheeks ache for a wider grin, eyes casting downwards in bashfulness.

He nods in positive reply, free hands now tangling together in a nervous tick of his, intertwining and untangling rhythmically. Tongue peeking out to sweep across dry lips, Mike offers Quinn a passing smile before he guides her around his house to the best of his ability. As he guides her down the narrow hall, his hand hovers closely by, begging to rest on the small of her back but resisting and settling for a slow, disappointed drag along his wall. Passing by the bathroom and bedroom, they are secluded to this side of the house and Mike is brief but considerate in his display of them. Rounding back around to his small front hall, he shows off the last rooms of his small apartment, the living room and kitchen side by side and both cozily decorated. And as his short tour concludes, he turns to her, feet dragging lightly on the carpet of the living room.

His worried gaze fixes on her, trying to gauge her impression of his modest home, and he can’t help but wonder if he’s fretting too much. It wouldn’t be the first time, that’s for sure, but from what he can tell, Quinn is very at ease. The thought makes his heart jump in a pleasant way and soon, worries of over-thinking fall to the sight of her, standing there in his apartment. “It’s not much, but it’s home,” he says with an airy chuckle, voice wavering slightly. Chest puffing out with a steady inhale, Mike fights to soothe his racing mind. “Sorry,” he mutters, teeth flashing in a sincere smile and hands finding a place deep in his pockets. “I’m just…well, this is a new thing for me,” he admits, body vibrating with increasing nerves at his ridiculous stuttering. “Just, ‘ya know, having you here is kinda…” Eyes and mouth pressing closed briefly and reopening, he pauses and mentally curses himself. “I’m just really happy you’re here, and I just want to make this visit good for you.”

She couldn’t help but give a warm giggle at Mike’s sudden bashful behaviour, eyes curious as they viewed the response that was soon a familiarity through the screen of her computer. The continuous intertwining of his fingers, the ducking of his head, the nervous smile as he passes. Slow to follow in the guiding of his apartment, hazel eyes danced the expanse of the narrow hall, leisurely in taking in the finer details that decorate Mike’s life. Photographs decorating side tables, both deep and creamy colours lining the walls, warmly furnished bedroom that she lingered around a little too lengthy in it’s passing, soft light illuminating it all. She’s almost silent during it all - though in a comfortable familiarity - nothing but a nod and smile of approval, fingers lacing together in front of her stomach with the lazy clonking of her shoes against the flooring. Subsequent to being led, she’s guided with a sustained view of the remaining space, his short tour concluding in an invitingly spruced living room.

Stood complacent, Mike was staring down at her with an undeniably nervous exterior; breathy laughter, wobbly tone, and she felt suddenly on display, though the insistence of peering eyes made her feel oddly at home. With her own eyes wandering - prompted by the comment of his apartment - her smile softened. “No, it’s nice, I like it.” Gaze finally finding his - it finally strikes Quinn exactly how nervous Mike is, the remembrance of his onscreen anxiety nothing in comparison to the unease behaviour he was currently displaying. A huff of laughter leaving plump lips, she reaches out with a single footstep closer, hands apprehensive in the outreach to rest upon Mike’s biceps. “I’m really happy I’m here too, and don’t worry, I’m sure this weekend will be fine.” 

She couldn’t remember the last time she’d had this effect on someone - or anyone at all, and it was such a welcomed difference to the lackluster welcomings she had become accustomed to. There had never been a nervously broken gaze, shy smiles becoming a rare occurrence, and in fact - everything about Mike Chang was soon becoming a welcomed difference. Her touch lingering, the pads of her fingers lasting in rubbing soft, soothing circles into his forearms. Remaining her close proximity, Quinn reserved in the removal of her palms, soft smile curving her lips. “Is it okay that I unpack my things before we go out later?” 

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She’s stunning in every single way. Heart quite literally skipping a beat at the sight of her, brown eyes fixed on her in disbelief, and mouth slightly agape, he takes a few moments to digest that she is really here. Every feature seems too good to be: the curve of her jaw, the color of her eyes, the flow of her hair as it blows gently in the chilled winter breeze. They’re all things he’s seen before, but never truly had the honor of experiencing until this surreal moment. Though unimaginably beautiful on paper, on camera, on the dim light of his computer screen, they all are nothing in comparison to her physical presence in front of him. He can do nothing but stare, eyebrows furrowing as his gaze drinks her in, head to toe, and tries to tell himself this is real.

Her voice piques his hearing and her laugh rings pleasantly in his ears, once tight lips loosening into an uneven smile traced with uncontrollable nerves. Watching intently, almost startled by her actions as his nerves run impossibly high, she leans in and thin arms wrap themselves comfortably around Mike’s shoulders. Chest aching with a breath he can’t release, it takes a moment for him to pick up on what’s happening, muscular arms returning the gesture slowly and cautiously until he’s embracing her fully.

His eyes flutter closed as he relishes in her hold. The smell of her perfume, foreign to him, tickles at his nose but in the most appealing of ways. Her body radiates a heat that he isn’t aware he’d been missing these past few months. His breath finally releases as he tucks her into a more intimate hug, one he’s been saving since the moment they began talking. There’s nothing but Quinn’s own actions to stop him from holding her all day, because he’s sure he could do it if she allowed.  Hyper-aware of his actions, paranoia to thank, Mike releases her before the hug grows uncomfortable and takes an unsteady step back. He can feel the heat of his cheeks flushing with color as he collects himself, a smile of wild relief tugging at his lips.

"I can’t believe you’re here," he admits in a tone of genuine disbelief. "I just…" Words failing him and trailing into silence, Mike simply lets his grin break free as chocolate orbs stay steady on her for another lingering moment and then wander to her belongings on the ground. "Shoot, sorry. Come on, come in," he fusses, lanky arm grabbing her bag from next to her before she can get it herself. Stepping to the side, he gives Quinn entrance into his home and can feel his heart pick up again, pounding heavily in his ears. "Yeah, so this is my place," he says weakly, closing the door behind them and walking over to stand by her side, eyes casting to the side to look down at her next to him. "And, well, this is me.”

Face-to-face and embraced at last, nothing could’ve prepared her for the sudden tightening of his arms, smoother than a swift kick in the lungs. Eager thoughts stilled, slowed like the breaths desperate to leave plump lips with a churning stomach. Happy to oblige and quick to follow his lingering hold, the snaking of her limbs around his shoulders tightened in a momentary squeeze, jawline gentle to tilt and tuck her nose into his neck - to inhale, to simply stand there and take him in. It was long overdue and with giddy insides her wandering gaze stilled upon her hands, which had unconsciously gripped the neck of his t-shirt. She retires her smile - softer, satisfied, eyes content in watching the way her fingers scrape across the hair faint to cover the back of his neck. Appeased in a tangle of limbs - every stroke of her thumb against his warm skin turning him more into a reality and less into a mirage from her computer.

A step back, a deep breath, delicate fingers rose to tuck shortly curled strands behind her ear in moment of recomposure. She was breathy; all warm smiles, even warmer laughter and despite their current confronting, full of gazes that lingered a little too long, but with his break-out grin and rosy cheeks, he was just as cute as the profile. Another low, soft laugh and Quinn stepped aside, momentarily shifting from foot to foot as he took hold of her belongings before she even had a chance to consider making the move herself. Apparently just as cute, just as gentlemanly. “Thank you.” Breath unbeknowingly stilled until she was inside, the closing of his front door has her once again calm. The corners of her mouth etching wider, her gaze scanned across the expanse of Mike’s apartment - familiar from the view of his webcam, but somehow different. Cleaner, comfortable, a reality. “It’s nice.” 

Nonchalant in following his shift to stand besides her, a tilt of her head has her gaze locking with his, teeth parting to reveal a toothy grin. A beat. ”You’re nice too.” Prompt in scanning the length of slender figure, her eyes are quick to wander, feet shuffling further into the apartment. Fingers fiddling with the buttons of her cardigan, Quinn leaves it to hang open, hands pausing before dropping by her side. Peering through the hallway and open space from her standstill spot, she smiles comfortably before turning to glance behind her shoulder. “Will you show me around?”

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Nothing seems right. Nothing is how it’s supposed to be and nothing is good enough. The place looks impossibly cluttered and uninviting despite his hours of meticulous cleaning, and more than anything, he can’t help but shake the feeling that he’s going to disappoint her somehow. Whether it be his tiny apartment or currently flustered and unappealing appearance, he’s scared. More scared than he’s been in a while, which is saying something as a person who deals with keeping other people alive every single day. No surgery or potential case can compare to the fear of meeting Quinn Fabray, face to face, for the first time.

He paces nervously for so long, he’s sure he’s going to walk a path into his living room carpet. Mind racing painfully fast and heart beating even faster, he’s almost frantic in his movements, making rounds around the apartment until he’s sure he’s counted every item and every speck of dust on any and all surfaces of his home. Driving himself nearly mad with worry, Mike takes it upon himself to force anxious feet to a stand-still, composing himself to the best of his ability, before the ring of a doorbell erupts a new rush of terror inside of him.

Inhaling and exhaling with deliberately slow breathes, Mike is cautious in his movements towards the door, brown eyes set fearfully on it. What is he supposed to say? What is he supposed to do? He has no idea how to greet the woman who’s been the center of his world for the past two months, despite never physically being in his presence. A bundle of nerves, he stands close to the door and exhales one last time before a trembling hand reaches outward toward the knob, twists, and opens it. His gaze is quick to find her, her presence almost ethereal, and it stays there until he somehow finds the strength to speak up. “Quinn,” he breathes almost inaudibly. “Hi.”

Quinn was never particularly unfamiliar with the dating section of online browsing, or after many failed attempts at the first meeting that came along with a week of back and forth, but it was a certain surprise to find someone who held so much promise, so much so that she was within the last 10 minutes until arrival of a 6 hour drive. The catch being that whilst she’s comfortably settled in Scranton, he’s got his life together with a fully fledged career in Augusta. Mike Chang had been entirely unexpected - his cheesy jokes, even cheesier one liners, his appreciation for all the things she cared about; family, work, Chinese food included - and in fact, she’d been so accustomed to the mass-deleting of requests and presumptuous disappointment that after learning of their distance, she’d almost regrettably been hasty in rejecting his message.  

Considering the persistent tapping of her fingers against the wheel, hands swift in turning the instructed final corner, Quinn felt a strange calm. Normally, Friday evenings would be spent with work colleagues, hours lost conversing over the annoyance of work, before an early retirement into an evening of Netflix, but instead she was here - indicating to pull over after an early leave from work and exhaustingly long drive, all with the intended motions of the first meeting. 

Pulling down the vanity mirror, a deep exhale has hazel eyes giving a final glance to her exterior - exasperated features from a sleepless night and lengthened drive, new cardigan and simple make-up doing little to brighten her appearance, sudden unwelcomed nerves sitting heavily in her stomach. Another sigh leaving plump lips has Quinn prompt in exiting her car, hands eager to grasp a pre-packed overnight bag and follow directed instructions to Mike’s identified apartment. Surprisingly steady legs carry her throughout a short series of hallways, teeth sinking into her lower lip as she pinpoints the door he noted. Freeing her grasp by placing bags to the floor, Quinn is nervously enthusiastic in making her presence known, single digit rising to press down on the doorbell. 

Eager to fidget and shift her weight from foot to foot, a deep inhale has metaphorical butterflies more restless than ever and with a smile, lips pull away to reveal pearly whites. She was distracted enough by her own restlessness to be somewhat startled by the opening of the door, smile widening upon the first sight of Mike - past the exchanged pictures and profile information. Quinn, it was like a sigh, all low and breathy. Maybe no one had ever said it like that - a first, one of many the weekend would hopefully bring. “Hi,” she laughed, puff of air leaving the back of her throat. Arms reaching out, a lean onto her tiptoes has her stretching for an embrace, limbs tight in looping around his neck, chests pressed flush together. 

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